Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Growing up out west meant trips to national parks a few times a year, and canyons that were practically in my backyard.  Some of the first photos I ever took were on camping trips to Yellowstone National Park, or in City Creek Canyon back when I was a seven-year-old sporting a Fisher Price camera made by Kodak that shot on 110 film cartridges.  I loved that camera, and I know its got to be in a box somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it for years.

I took these shots on a trail in the Oneonta Gorge back in April.  The hike was probably easy by Oregonian standards, but for someone like me who has been living on a bayou for the past decade with nary a hill in sight, I would say it was "moderate."  The trail begins about one mile up the road from Multnomah Falls, and winds its way through some beautiful forest, and the waterfalls along the way are gorgeous.

Music: Natalie Merchant - Leave Your Sleep
Television: Treme

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