Thursday, April 8, 2010

Road Trip


I've been wanting to drive across the country for a couple of years now, and I finally got around to doing it the other week. Driving 3,000 miles is great for clearing your head. The route Michael and I drove took us through some of the most beautiful states in the country. We passed through Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon.

We spent a night with our family in Louisiana and had smooth sailing until we ran into a blizzard in Colorado. From there we drove 40MPH on iced over highways for about 350 miles until we reached Denver. Despite the fact that the stretch of road we were on was particularly treacherous tractor trailer trucks passed us going about 70. The result of their careless driving was a little scary. We saw three trucks overturned along the roadside, one of which is shown down below.

The road from Denver to Salt Lake City was clear for the most part, save one accident that left the contents of three 18-wheelers spilled out along the road in South Central Wyoming. Spending the night and part of the next day in Salt Lake City, UT was fantastic. The city has come a long way since I've been away. Its still as beautiful as I remember, and the downtown area is in the middle of a redevelopment project that will be completed in 2012.

Here is a small assortment of things we saw along the road between Tampa, FL and Portland, OR.