Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inspiration and a Taco Bus


I meant to get this up Tuesday, but I got back from Tampa a little later than I had planned. Spending the extra time was really worth it though. I spent a good part of Monday afternoon touring a facility called Pyramid. Pyramid is an organization that works with more than 700 adults with severe disabilities.

Pyramid uses art as a form of therapy that gives people who often have trouble with even basic communication an outlet for self-expression. Going beyond art therapy, the program provides life skills training, advocacy, and community integration, all of which make a tremendous impact on the lives of those involved.

The work that the participants produce is incredible, and is sold at shows throughout Florida. I stayed late to have an early dinner with a couple of friends who work at Pyramid.

While I was in Tampa I ended up selling a photo, which is great. I am putting the money I made from that sale into a drawing that I fell in love with at Pyramid.

I don’t know how many people actually read this blog, but for those of you who see this, give the Pyramid website a look. Read about what they do; it is really inspiring.

I didn't expect to lead off with shot of another bus, but the burrito I got at the Taco Bus was so good that I had to, and the composition was so drastically different from the one I shot the other day along US-1.

Aside from a night out in Ybor City, and my visit to Pyramid, I basically spent the rest of my time running around Tampa, hanging out with my BFF Jenny in her studio, and meeting some really great people. Definitely my kind of weekend.

Music: Lady Gaga – Fame Monster
Movies: Valentino: The Last Emperor
Food: Taco Bus

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