Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spray Paint


I love spray paint. It's an incredibly versatile and oh-so-helpful product that can completely change the mood and feel of just about any object. From simple redecorating to graffiti that suggests the detail and beauty of big budget cinematic CGI, spray paint is there to help with the most disparate of creative endeavors.

The real fun of spray paint is that nearly everyone has at least one can of it around the house; and those of us with several can attest, every can has a story behind it. Most of mine involve things like Michael deciding to paint Buddha metallic blue, or toothpicks white to use as creepy evil pumpkin teeth.

Comment if you have a favorite spray paint story.

On a side note, East Village Boys just posted a series of shots Ignacio Lozano took at La Tomatina, a Tomato festival in Buñol, Spain. The work is gorgeous.

Music: Anjulie
Movies: Paranormal Activity
Reading: The Book Of Inspiration

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